Tradition & Passion

Sunce, more, bura i jugo

Following the paths of tradition, the synergy of sun and sea, bora and south, white and red earth, rocks and vines, we seek and find perfection in the wine …



Family vineyards and cellar are located on the slopes of the western Istrian vineyards in the municipality of Vižinada, specifically in the small village Bajkini that rises above the valley of the river Mirna.
Pino Rossi currently handles 5 acres of landscaped modern vineyards. The vineyards are south-west exposure, which ensures maximum sunlight, and with a unique microclimate and terroir grapes of superior quality are obtained that is the basis for the specificity of Pino Rossi’s wine.


Special attention is paid to all the work in the vineyard, whereby Pino has great support of his wife Dragana and daughters Sara and Elena. After a special attention dedicated to the vineyard the grapes reach high quality which is processed in the basement equipped with modern technology. The wine ages in oak barrels in order to achieve the highest quality.
We offer wines are: Malvazija, Teran, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot Pinot Noir, Bocca Rossa Cuvèe and in every glass of Pino Rossi’s wine you will find love for wine, the originality of the terroir and the harmony of flavours and fragrances.
Love related to vineyards and wine, as well as the commitment to work has given excellent results in different events, where prizes are not lacking. Do you have a desire to taste quality wines produced with great effort, love and care we invite you to visit the Pino Rossi’s cellar.

Tradicija uz sinergiju sunca, mora, bure i juga

Imate li želju kušati kvalitetna vina proizvedena s mnogo truda, ljubavi i pažnje pozivamo Vas da posjetite podrum Pino Rossi.