Author: Pino Rossi


malvazija-600quality dry wine

Native Istrian variety that in the location below the village Bajkini gives grapes of exceptional quality. The wine is characteristic straw – yellow colour with greenish hues. The aroma is floral and the taste pleasant, fruity – mineral. It is served at 10-12 ° C with cold starters, fish and pasta.


bocca-rossa-600high quality dry wine

A blend consisting of 4 cultivars. Cabernet Sauvignon gives typical flavours of black currant, Merlot gives softness and rounds up wine, Cabernet Francis is credited for ruby red tones, while Pinot Noir gives floral and fruity scent. It is served at 16-18 ° C with ham and red meat and game.


pinot-crni-600quality dry wine

Red, bright tones which is characteristic of the variety. The smell is enticing and reminiscent of raspberries, strawberries and violets. The wine is medium bodied and smooth in texture, and after aging in wood it feels and tastes pleasant of tannins. It is served at 16-18 ° C with cheese and fish and poultry.


merlot-600high quality dry wine

The wine is a deep ruby red colour with purple reflections. oak suits it well, so after maceration it matures in wood. Full body, harmonious and soft, expressed fruity aroma reminiscent of currants, cherries and blueberries. It is served at 16-18 ° C and perfectly matches with dishes of chicken and lamb.


teran-600quality dry wine

Native Istrian variety characterized by a ruby red colour and pronounced fruity aroma. Higher acidity, astringency and tannins obtained by aging in wood give the wine a distinctive flavour, full, robust but very pleasant. It is served at 16-18 ° C with smoked ham and game dishes with truffles.